Save big $$$ with our pre-built computer systems

Computers that are purchased 'off-the-shelf' - particular at large retail stores - are often manufactured using the cheapest components available, resulting in poor quality and reliability.

Our expert technicians manufacture highly cost effective computers in-store using only high quality components from respected manufacturers. The result is a computer that you can rely on, made to suit your application and budget.

You'll also avoid paying for components that you don't need - saving you money.

Looking for a bargain?

Check out our great value refurbished PC's at the bottom of the page.

Here are our most popular in-house manufactured systems.

Latest 9th Gen I3

General / Home Applications
Quad Core Intel I3 9100F cpu @ 4.2 ghz
NVidia GT 710 2 gb Graphics Card
480 gb SSD Drive
Dual Layer DVD/RW
Wi-Fi / HDMI / DVI / VGA
Windows 10
Libre Office


INTEL i5 9400F

Business / Power Users
Six  Core cpu @ 4.2 ghz
NVidia GT 710 2 gb Graphics Card
240 gb SSD  System Drive  + 1 tb storage drive
Dual Layer DVR/RW
Windows 10
Libre Office


INTEL I7 100700

High-End / Video work
Eight Core Core cpu @  4.8 ghz
GTX 1650 4gb Video Card
240 gb SSD System Drive
2 TB storage drive
Dual layer DVDRW
Windows 10
Libre Office


Refurbished Gaming Tower

New Antec GX 202 case
Intel  I5  Quad  core cpu
8 gb Kingston Hyper X ram
GTX 1070 8gb Video card
240 SSD C Drive
1 tb Storage drive
Blue-ray Player/DVDRW
Windows 10 Pro

$ 895.00

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